I have been a licensed massage therapist for 19 years, and am a graduate of The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. I have developed a highly unusual skill-set that enables me to treat clients “From aches to zzz’s”. Frankly, it is my education and experience in wellness that enables me to work at both ends of the massage spectrum.

At this point in my career, I have refined my work to provide these two types of massage: one addresses pain and movement problems and the other is an outstanding, thoroughly relaxing and balancing Swedish massage.

My client said she simply wants to know: “What’s in it for me?”

For pain relief and improved joint function, I use a combination of deep tissue techniques including trigger points and myofascial release. However, I am most excited about using Neural Reset Therapy. This is a new, very exciting AND very effective modality. The client is fully clothed and is an active participant in the massage. The most common response from a client in an NRT session is: “It just feels easier to move.” Decreased pain and increased function!

For relaxation, my full body Swedish massage is truly unique because it leaves clients feeling both relaxed yet rejuvenated. This sensation of being ‘balanced’ is what makes this treatment so special.

And, I have what is possibly THE most comfortable massage table in town! With extra padding, extra width, a table warmer, and the ability to adjust to your height and mobility issues, my table is really something special to experience.

Please – come in, let’s talk and see what would work best for you!




Registered Massage Therapy Instructor and taught in massage schools from 2003 – 2016.
Earned a Master’s Degree in Health Education in 1993, from The University of New Mexico.
Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education/Magna Cum Laude, in 1986 from the University of Massachusetts/Boston.



Teaching Experience:

Posture & Gait Analysis, Back Care, Sleep Positioning, Body Sculpting w/TheraBands, Stretching/Strengthening, Ergonomics for Seated Workers, Ergonomics for Body Workers, Aerobics, Group Exercise/Calisthenics




Aerobics/Fitness Instructor Training and teaching at YMCA and Women’s World Gym, 1975 – 1982.
Certified Group Exercise Leader, American College of Sports Medicine, 1990.
Aerobics/Fitness Instructor 1978 – 1993 in both the Boston area and Albuquerque, NM.
Founded The Wellness Equation, a student wellness program, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986.
Founded the first Employee Wellness Program at Lovelace Health Systems, 1993.





What are the prices?

All massages are priced the same: $80 for one hour, $115 for 1.5 hrs.  Prices include NM Gross Receipts Tax @ 7.5%.

I also provide these specialty combinations:

Oh my Aching Head, Hands and Feet!  A combination of Reflexology and Swedish – 60 minutes

NRT + Relaxation Massage – 90 minutes

The Getaway – a relaxing combination of Swedish and Polarity – 60 minutes

What are your hours of operation?

Tuesday through Saturday, 10a – 6p. Individual appointments outside of these days/times may be arranged.

How can I pay for my treatment?

I accept cash, local checks, debit/credit card.  A debit/credit card fee of 2.75% will be charged.

What is the cancellation policy?

I request six (6) hours notice. Please note that each client is given one free, last-minute cancellation per calendar year. After that, I will charge 1/2 the price.